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Top nine quotes to include in your next presentation on PR measurement

I recently completed the CIPR’s Professional PR Diploma. My final assignment was a management proposal that required me to identify and make recommendations for improvement to an area of PR practice that’s relevant to my job. The area I decided to look at was PR measurement. Glutton for punishment? Perhaps. I got an excellent pass […]

Securing your social channels

We’ve recently heard of a couple of incidents involving our clients’ dealers social pages being stolen by hackers and used to spam people, or even just passwords forgotten and access lost. You’ve worked hard to build up your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels so it’s worth taking a little time to make sure you follow […]

The Metaverse is coming: Here’s Everything you need to know

It’s official. Metaverse is the new technology buzzword of the moment. And that’s no real surprise after Mark Zuckerberg’s recent interview about the future trajectory of Facebook. “In the coming years, I expect people will transition from seeing us [Facebook] primarily as a social media company to seeing us as a metaverse company” he said. […]

Toyota Distance From Olympics After Listening To Their Audience

  Benjamin Franklin famously said that “There is nothing certain in life apart from death and taxes”. If he was alive in recent times then he could easily have added successful brand sponsorship of the Olympics to his list! The power of the one of the world’s biggest sporting events, beaten into second spot only […]

What is the future of wearable technology and how will the booming sector continue to grow?

Ironically, for a nation struck down by a pandemic, we have seen a growth in physical activity. Lockdowns, one hour exercise limits and a general restrictions on what you can and cannot do for many months at a time has spurred us on to get out and get more active. This in turn has helped […]

Wearable Technology In Sport and Fitness

Whether you’re an Olympic athlete or a casual jogger, wearable technology is changing the way we think about sport and fitness. From Fitbits to Oura Rings, Sensoria smart socks to Whoop bands, you can rest assured there is a wearable device out there designed for you. It’s of no surprise that the demand for wearable […]

Judo athletes take joint gold in Performance Communications’ BOOST competition

Sports, Automotive and Technology communications consultancy, Performance Communications, has announced the winner of its BOOST competition to promote women’s sport in the UK. Two athletes were chosen, 25 year old Jemima Yeats-Brown and 21 year old Kelly Petersen-Pollard. Both compete in the under 70kg category in judo. They also train full time at the British […]

Who has made the BOOST shortlist?

Our BOOST competition to support women’s sport in the UK has come to a close. We received 60 entries, covering 28 different sports, from all over the UK. We have now picked our shortlist. It has been a really tough judging process. The entrants were judged based on their story, existing profile and how they […]

Performance Communications celebrates new women’s sport division with offer of £20,000 consultancy Boost

£20,000 consultancy support up for grabs for one UK female athlete, team or organisation Nicola McKelvey to head up new Women’s Sport division Sports, Automotive and Technology communications consultancy, Performance Communications, is celebrating the launch of its new Women’s Sport division by offering £20,000 worth of consultancy to one lucky winner. Performance has joined with […]

Female sporting stereotypes

For the past six months, I’ve been working with the Women’s Sport Trust on its #unlocked campaign, helping to raise awareness of women’s sport. From speaking to a lot of the athletes, reading and hearing their stories, one subject that stood out was around sporting stereotypes. This topic seems to cover anything from seeing women’s […]


While technology cannot take all of the credit, technological advances are helping athletes achieve sporting success and bridge the gap between first and second. We’ve moved a long way since the dreaded beep test (sporting ‘technology’ 1.0?) was introduced 40 years ago. I’ve identified a list of five ways sports teams or individuals have taken […]

5 Ways Tech has improved sport

…AND 5 WAYS (I HOPE) IT IS ABOUT TO   Never before has the world of sport needed technology more than it does now, to crack the code on COVID and get fans back watching live sport safely. It got me thinking about the myriad tech innovations with sporting applications that have already launched, are […]

Top 8 Women’s Sport Marketing Campaigns

It’s been a great month for women’s sport with Vitality, Three and Pepsi all showing their support in different ways. The news that Pepsi is sponsoring the UEFA’s women’s league is probably the most exciting. Not just because it’s another big brand supporting women’s sport. It’s also because of the possibilities of how the brand […]

Performance Communications brings in Frisson Creative to bolster digital sports offering

Sports, Automotive & Technology specialist, Performance Communications has acquired a significant stake in Frisson Creative, a sports social content and influencer marketing agency, to enrich its digital capability for clients. Frisson Creative specialises in social content, design, influencer campaigns and community management for live sporting events, brands and rights holders. Clients to date have included […]

Freewheeling into trouble? The pitfalls of eScooter hire schemes

Amid the cacophony of Coronavirus news, the government made it legal for people to use e-Scooters in the UK from Saturday… or at least that’s what the headlines implied. Instead, what the government has actually done is make it legal to rent e-scooters through companies such as Bird and Lime. In London, the introduction of […]

Performance Adds Andersen to its Growing Technology Stable

Performance Communications has been appointed by Andersen, a British manufacturer and installer of high-end electric vehicle charge points to handle its integrated Marketing and Communications programme. Addressing the booming electric vehicle market, Andersen, which recently became a recommended provider for Porsche GB, is the leading style-conscious home charger on the market for those who want […]

Subscriptions, buying online and free home deliveries. Welcome to Post C-19 car buying?

It perhaps shouldn’t have come as a surprise when the grim April SMMT figures announced that Tesla Model 3 had topped the most sold list, given April saw the start of the new Benefit In Kind tax perks for EVs. That said, Tesla could find themselves in a continued fortuitous position. They moved to an […]

Five Keys to the Realisation of Cycling’s Brave New Dawn

Like many, I am genuinely excited that the growth of UK cycling could be one of the few silver linings of the Covid-19 pandemic. Public transport is out. Room on our roads for cars is finite. The government has committed to put cycling at the heart of its transport policy. Finances have been assigned to […]

How Fortnite put on a masterclass of COVID-curated content

As a marketer, tech lover, and gaming enthusiast, it’s safe to say I’m in awe of Fortnite’s recent cross-platform ‘live show’. A ground-breaking stunt that offered a small relief in difficult times, and even a glimpse into the future of branded content. Before I dive into all of that though, let me set the scene […]

Is Delivery by Drones the Future?

Barely a week passes without a new initiative claiming to bring airborne drone deliveries a step closer to mainstream reality. The likes of Domino’s Pizza and Amazon were among the first to make PR capital out of drone deliveries. Ever since, a steady stream of stories has envisioned a future where every online whim is […]

How Sports are Adapting During Lockdown

While professional sports clubs and associations are utilising the free time of their stars to engage with fans while sport is on-hold (see my previous blog), many are now adapting to provide some sort of competition and whet the appetite of the action-starved sporting public before normality is restored. I’ve highlighted my favourites and will […]

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