International Women’s Day – a round-up of the best sports campaigns

April 5, 2022
Nicola McKelvey

As March draws to a close and Twitter’s Gender Pay Gap Bot finally begins to recover, I wanted to take a look at the winners and losers of International Women’s Day from a sporting focus.

The focus this year was #breakthebias and all across the world, companies jumped at the chance to promote just how female-friendly they are.

And with the rise of women’s sport, this was surely a chance for athletes, sponsors, broadcasters, rights-holders etc to shine a light on what they’re doing to #breakthebias.

 So who got it right?

  • The Fair Game Group which was set up by different football clubs committed to improving the governance of the game used the day to release a report which showed that two-thirds of England and Wales’ leading clubs have all-male boards. They found that clubs were missing out on revenue because they were not effectively catering for or marketing to female fans.
  • Royal London was one of the few brands that developed some content specifically to celebrate IWD. This video celebrates Royal London’s work with women and sport, calling out the one-year anniversary of its partnership with the British & Irish Lions to investigate whether a women’s Lions team can be formed.
  • Women in Sport published a fascinating report on how to keep teenagers interested in the sport. It’s a tough day to get cut-through but this message seemed to strike a chord with the media, and rightly so.
  • Marketing agency CPB London created a lovely campaign that although not particularly relevant to women and sport, still has a very relevant message – imagine a world where gender makes no difference.

Who got it wrong?



Image taken from CPB London