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February 7, 2017
Performance Comms

It’s been a busy time on the Land Rover team recently. Not one but two pieces of content have been created.

The Evolution of Range Rover
The first video is an animation showcasing the evolution of Range Rover. Working with Land Rover’s design team, we highlighted the key model changes over the past 48 years as well as some of the key engineering milestones. As you can see, the illustrations are meant to be fairly simple but executed in a smart and high-end manner.
The second piece of content is a take on the 0-100km/h figures that all manufacturers provide for their vehicles. To demonstrate the performance of Range Rover Sport SVR and clever Terrain Response 2 technology (this allows the driver to change the settings depending on the terrain they are driving on), we decided to set the benchmark sprint time across a variety of different surfaces

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