Good Morning Ashes Nightmare

November 22, 2013
James Sephton

You could almost hear the chorus of groans when English cricket lovers woke up this morning, checking the score with excited anticipation. It had all started so well after all, then an unexpected collapse of epic proportions.

Let’s hope we’re not heading to the bad old days, surely we will bounce back, won’t we?* One thing is for sure we need to nip this Aussie revival in the bud and hit back very soon – momentum and a new found self belief will be crucial to the Aussies if they are to snatch back our little urn. I’m getting used to winning the Ashes so let’s hope by January it stays in English hands.

When the Aussie’s come a barracking today, and they will although they’ve been tucked away and quiet for the last few years, you can take solace in the fact that today is the ten year anniversary of England’s Rugby world cup win, a timely riposte if there ever was one

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*Before you go to bed tonight to dream of a English fight back then watch this for inspiration – Boxing Day 2010

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