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Wednesday, August 14, 2019 – Kingston: Team #2 came out on top in the hard-fought inaugural running of the Performance Comms Rounders Challenge last night.

With each team taking four innings, Team #2, captained by event organiser and adjudicator Simon Lush, raced out to an early lead in the first, taking a 6.5-1.5 headstart.

The squad – comprising Lusherman, The Boff, Jivory, Linds, Milton, ‘Neeq, Rov, Chloe ‘Welsh Wizardress’ Yemm, Gunn and Seast – faltered in the second and third innings, going almost three and out in the third and allowing Team #1 a chink of light to get back into the game.

That they did with aplomb, firing in rounder after rounder to close up the scores, before Team #2 put in an outstanding final innings to seal the victory 17-12 (or something like that).

The match was not without controversy, with some mildly bad-tempered accusations of regulatory violations and one case of attempted murder, when Team #1’s Geordie representative Sam Wilko took a huge swing at the ball but, in the process, flung the bat at some speed towards a prone and rather surprised Reaney. Thankfully, Sam’s aim was off and there followed a lengthy delay to the game while the teams searched the undergrowth for the wayward bat.

Team #1 – consisting of Tashtag Perry, Wilko, Joef, Clemmie, Dick Tanner, Murph, Sheedy, Susan, Sizer and Nicky – showed some tight fielding in the middle innings, allowing its batting prowess to come to the fore as Team #2’s fielding disintegrated briefly mid-match.

Other points of note in the game included:

Post-match, a rogue game of American Football broke out, with Linds and Sizer excelling at center, despite a few wayward snaps – witness quarterback Jackson Flaxon-Waxon (Joef) taking yet another ball to the face and, on the other side, QB Hingle McCringleberry (Boff) failing to gather in some wildly high snaps from Reaney.

No-one knows who won the football game, but it could not be stopped.


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