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Let’s set the record straight, I don’t like cricket, I love it* but cricket at the 2028 Olympics, is that really necessary?

The IOC has announced the five new sports that will be included in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Funnily enough some of the new sports that will appeal to a Northern American audience:  baseball-softball, lacrosse (a national sport of Canada) and flag football (essentially American Football lite!). It is also making up for a serious amount of lost time by finally adding squash to the roster, and then there’s cricket**.

Cricket and existing Olympic sports such as golf, football and tennis already have millionaire professionals and their big moments in the sun with the majors, World Cups etc. Do they really need Olympic verification too?

There are a limited number of sports and athletes allowed at each Olympiad, so why not an emerging, up and coming sport to provide it with their moment in the sun to drive awareness and a chance to grow?

This year’s Olympiad boasts breaking, sport climbing, skateboarding, and surfing!

Squash has applied for Olympic verification year on year for as long as I can remember and the IOC’s decision will provide a massive boost to the sport and to the players. It will be interesting to see how the sport develops and how sponsors engage with an older, more established sport in the build to LA 2028.  It shouldn’t have had to wait so long, but I fear it will already be looking over its shoulder. Padel, a fast paced, engaging combo of squash & tennis, is the worlds’ fastest growing sport and surely it is only a matter of time before it is introduced to the Olympic stage.

I’ll be eagerly watching the cricket in 2028 of course, but let’s ensure the Olympic stage is opened up to new and emerging cricketing nations, not just the usual subjects, to help drive interest in the sport worldwide and justify its inclusion on the grandest of stages.

Top Five Random Olympic Sports of All Time!

  1. Tug of War
  2. Solo Sychronized Swimming
  3. Live Pigeon Shooting
  4. Horse Long Jump
  5. 200m Swimming Obstacle Course




** Cricket has been in the Olympics before, Great Britain is the reigning Olympic champions and more surprisingly, France claimed silver back in 1900


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