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EV Etiquette Guide

The Brief.

As electric vehicles are becoming more popular on UK roads, Vauxhall set out to provide drivers with clear guidance and advice around some of the more day to day areas of EV ownership.

As a British auto manufacturer, Vauxhall intended to highlight the benefits that clear protocol can have for those who might be in the dark about some of the EV essentials.

The Response.

We carried out research with OnePoll to assess the areas of EV ownership that drivers feel could do with the most clarity.

Highlighting confusion around key areas including how to correctly use public charge points, Vauxhall partnered with leading manners and protocol experts Debrett’s to created a top tips guide to Electric Vehicle Etiquette.

The Guide came available as a digital booklet, as well as being available to download digitally from Vauxhall’s website.

The Guide was supported by an asset suite including bespoke campaign images and infographic.

The Results.

Vauxhall’s EV Etiquette Guide received high praise from media and industry experts, with many commenting on the timely introduction to the guide as the country starts to look more closely towards what the upcoming ban of new petrol and diesel models by 2030 means for everyday drivers.

Coverage was achieved across most national titles in print and online, as well as positive pick up among leading automotive titles.

The EV Etiquette Guide was also well received across social channels, generating conversation around the importance for clear guidance playing a role in the UK’s journey to electrification.

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