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The Car Expert

Unearthing the precarious scale of the UK’s car finance debt

Our Response.

Armed with over a decade’s worth of car finance data, we knew we needed to create a story that captured the severity of the scale of UK finance debt in the UK. The problem was, car finance is a tricky topic to understand, particularly for the average consumer to whom we were targeting our story.

With the UK sitting in £42 billion worth of car finance debt, we knew the figures spoke for themselves. We analysed the data, identified patterns and key talking points and then shared our story with media – and it fell completely flat.

We were stumped as to why it hadn’t performed in the way we thought it would. Back to the drawing board, we re-wrote the release, this time in a way that simplified the concept of car finance and emphasized the potential dangers of huge finance loans that could very well impact the everyday car owner.

This time the coverage was unstoppable. Top newspapers such as The Telegraph, The Guardian, Financial Times and The Times wanted to interview the client directly as we quickly realized there was a serious lack of knowledge surrounding car finance, even from Money Editors themselves.

The Results.

In total, it secured 90 pieces of coverage with 2 million coverage views, as well as a feature on BBC Radio 4 and inclusion in The FT’s consumer editor’s book, What They Don’t Teach You About Money.

We went on to capitalize on this, making The Car Expert the go to place for all things car finance related with media still coming directly to The Car Expert for help on automotive stories to date.

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