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Simpson & Partners

Developing Brand Foundations

Building cross-channel social content to improve brand identity, increase online presence and reach customers & decisionmakers.

The Brief.

Simpson & Partners is an EV charging start-up based in the Cotswolds and focuses on building design-orientated, premium home charge points, at an affordable price point, to consumers and businesses alike.

In 2022 the ambitious start-up tasked us with the challenge of refining their brand foundations and helping to drive sales.

Our Response.

In collaboration with Simpson & Partners, we developed three key objectives to guide their journey as a start-up.

1. Create a simple messaging house – including the establishment of a tone of voice and Q&A – to communicate the business’s journey from foundation to fulfilment.

2. Always-on storytelling approach, designed to consistently inform key audiences about the latest corporate and product news from the business, to help drive sales and attract new partners.

3. Create and produce on-location events for key media to be immersed into the Simpson & Partners journey.

The Results.

This has helped us to:

  • Deliver strong consumer coverage tailored around key company & founder values in a range of regional, design and lifestyle press.
  • Attract key media to visit Simpson & Partners’ facility to tell the story of the Cotswold-based business.
  • Coverage highlights include: Auto Express, Wallpaper Magazine, T3 and E&T Magazine

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