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Race of Champions

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The Race of Champions is an annual motorsport event featuring the best drivers and riders racing head-to-head.
We were charged with overcoming second-year syndrome, by generating fresh excitement about the event’s reappearance at Wembley Stadium.
Our insight showed that fans love seeing their sporting heroes out of context and are keen to view unique sporting challenges.

Creative Solution

We devised a headline-grabbing Man vs Machine contest featuring the biggest British sporting heroes of the year – Chris Hoy (track bike) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes road car).
Pre-event interviews were filmed and distributed alongside adversarial ‘face-off’ imagery.

The Results

Results included:

  • x53 national print coverage
  • x18 national & regional TV
  • Lead story on BBC Breakfast news
  • Metro page 3 feature
  • 50,000 tickets sold

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