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EV Mythbusting

The Brief.

As Peugeot grow their electric only range, and the UK Government’s deadline for no new Petrol or diesel cars approaches, we wanted to counter some myths that were persistent among the car buying public about electric cars while also driving awareness of the Peugeot electrified range to a new audience.

Rather than use traditional media to convey this, we decided that an earned influencer campaign would be more targeted to allow Peugeot to reach new audience sectors.

The Response.

We collaborated with a variety of influencers who fitted our core target audiences of ‘Pre-family’, ‘family’ and ‘empty nesters’ to demonstrate the breadth of the Peugeot electric range for a variety of social demographics.

We selected a range of ‘micro’/’nano’ influencers to work with to create authentic and relatable content for their audiences. To add to the earned-first content created by our micro/nano influencers we also took an earned-first approach to working with larger ‘macro’ influencers who created content relevant for their audience and ran EV polls on their hero channel for their audience to generate earned data.

The Results.

The campaign was a significant success, driving engagement across Peugeot socials and traffic back to the brand website, too.

Overall, there were nine collaborations with a social reach of over 1.5m. The influencers produced 136 posts across Instagram and YouTube generating nearly half a million views and over 700,000 engagements – an engagement rate of 46%. The campaign also generated some authentic and organic interactions between the creators and their audience in the comments.

The style of campaign was the first of its kind we ran for a client and is one that we have modelled subsequent campaigns on due to its success.

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