Nissan – Juke-R: Desert Nemesis

May 6, 2012
Performance Comms
The Challenge

Our friends at Nissan enlisted our help to shift opinion on its brand new model – the Nissan Juke

Tasked with injecting some serious performance credentials to support its battle with the likes of Mini and Ford in the small car market.

Fan Insight

Using our network of experts in the performance car market, we learnt that petrolheads didn’t believe that the Juke could handle as well as its rivals.

We also discovered that the same petrolheads had an insatiable appetite for seeing the underdog cars take on the big guns.

Creative Solution

We identified that Nissan Juke needed a complete performance makeover.

Working with Nissan, the Juke R was born, lending the power credentials from Nissan’s superstar – the GT-R. Once underway, we executed a once in a life time chance for supercar owners to take on the Juke R in Dubai, where we filmed the outcome.

The Results

Juke R Results

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