Nissan – Glow In The Dark Leaf

April 20, 2016
Performance Comms
The Challenge
  • As new manufacturers entered the electric vehicle arena, we were tasked with increasing Nissan’s share of voice among target media and reigniting interest in the brand at a time there was limited product activity
    Fan Insight
  • CRM data gathered from Nissan LEAF owners showed that there was an increasing number of people who were using the money they saved from running an electric car on installing solar panels on their homes; so that they could effectively charge their car for free
Creative Solution
  • Partner with Hamish Scott to create a sustainable ‘glow in the dark’ paint that absorbs solar energy during the day and ‘glows’ at night
  • Nissan LEAF was painted to become the world’s first glow in the dark car, reflecting the way Nissan LEAF owners use solar energy
  • 3 phases activated in 28 countries: the Unveil, the Highway and the Painting
The Results


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