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Tevva Motors

Maintaining Tevva’s Voice of Authority

The Brief.

Tevva Motors Ltd is a tier 1 technology provider which delivers a range of systems capable of electrifying almost any medium duty (7.5t – 14t) truck.

Despite being able to offer viable technology right now and ahead of most commercial vehicle OEMs, Tevva is largely unknown as a brand and needs to raise its profile to gain traction in the rapidly expanding marketplace

The Response.

In order to drive more people back to the website and increase the brand’s authority and thought leadership credentials, we have created a series of blogs for use on their website and LinkedIn.

These cover a range of relevant topics and include:

  • Opinion / commentary reactive pieces on relevant news / legislation
  • News pieces about technology advancements
  • Insight into wider EV CV conversations


The Results.

The blogs have been widely read and shared by many influential organisations and bodies including CALSTART, TDA, ALICE and TFL.

Positions Tevva not just as a technology provider but an active voice in the wider air quality and freight decarbonisation fraternity

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