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Jaguar XE Sport on Ice

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Jaguar wanted to showcase the all-surface, all-wheel drive performance of the new XE 300 SPORT compact executive saloon. This would also be an opportunity to activate the ReRun GoPro app developed for Jaguar for track day drivers.


Ice is the most hazardous surface on which to drive in the world.


To demonstrate the dynamic performance and grip of the XE we enrolled two Winter Olympic speed skaters and the world’s longest artificial skating rink, at Flevonice, in the Netherlands.


The Jaguar XE set a unique lap record in a race against Hungarian speed skate champion Shaolin Sandor Liu at the unique venue. Team GB skater Elise Christie was riding in the XE 300 SPORT.

The activity was supported by a hero film, a set of still images and short social edits/interviews.

The news release and visual assets were made available to global media while the talent shared the story with posts across their own social media channels.


  • 260+ pieces of global coverage
  • 329K YouTube views
  • 111k views on Instagram

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