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Signature Programme @ Harrods


Caterham needed an activation to launch its ‘Caterham Signature’ personalisation scheme, a premium list of seemingly limitless options designed to make it possible for Seven owners to create the most bespoke version of the sportscar possible.

With the premium offering and the male-heavy fan base of Caterham in mind, we brokered a deal with luxury department store, Harrods, to make the Caterham Seven an in-store feature during the store’s Harrods Man Month in October.

We worked with Harrods’ commercial, marketing and PR departments and allowed them access to Caterham’s full range of personalisation options in order that they could create the ultimate Harrods-branded Seven, complete with bespoke seat stitching and Harrods’ iconic green and gold colour scheme.

The build of the Harrods Seven was charted in a series of videos, each highlighting the bespoke, hand-built nature of every Seven and the resulting car was installed in the famous Knightsbridge store in the high-footfall men’s fashion area.

The initiative was showcased in a press campaign run jointly with Harrods and used to launch the Caterham Signature programme.

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