Car Gurus – EV Pricing

November 2, 2019
Performance Comms

In order to ensure that CarGurus remains front-of-mind for automotive media and consumers alike, Performance Communications operates a steady stream of baseline PR news stories, offering data, commentary and opinion on topical issues in the sector.

With electric cars dominating the automotive news agenda throughout 2019, Performance used CarGurus’ proprietary pricing data to analyse consumer buying trends and associated EV price tags.

The resulting PR story announced that used EV prices had risen by 14% in the previous 12 months, thanks to the public’s demand for green cars.

While the data and the story were robust enough to generate coverage across a slew of national newspapers and their associated websites, the team’s media relations prowess came into its own to deliver a Times front-page story on November 27.

Media relations is, by definition, all about building and maintaining relationships with key journalists and, in this case, our close working relationship with Times transport correspondent, Graeme Paton, resulted in a significant hit for the client with the CarGurus story one of only three featured on that day’s Times front page.

Overall, the story generated 88 articles and was viewed an estimated 1.28m times. Importantly, it also performed strongly on social media, generating some 450 shares across multiple platforms.

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