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Alfa Romeo

Tonale ‘Edizione Bambini’

The Brief.

Our challenge was to raise awareness of the Alfa Romeo Tonale with a family audience and create news-driven content with the car at the centre.

Our aim was to do something that would appeal to a wider range of media and create opportunities for media/influencer engagement

The Response.

We decided to modify the Tonale with bespoke child-friendly features, such as a baby changing unit integrated into the boot, to create the ‘perfect car for style-conscious parents.’

To create a news angle, we ran a survey around parents’ experiences of driving with children.

The Results.

We created a news release based on our survey research, as well as images and video which showed the car in a real-world lifestyle setting.

We achieved global coverage in titles including the Mail Online, Daily Mirror and Top Gear, followed up with a series of media and influencer loans.

The Tonale ‘Edizione Bambini’ successfully resonated with the target audience beyond media coverage, as shown through active conversation across social channels with female industry leaders.

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