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Transformational events, aimed either at media or directly at prospects, are a crucial part of your marketing armoury.


At Performance, we have run a vast array of events with different themes, formats, purposes and scales over the years, ranging from small media roundtables to international customer events lasting several weeks.

Our media events may see media invited to sample a new product, interview company executives or gain hands-on insight into your brand.

Or our events may be for customers and VIPs. We have curated many significant moments for brands, executed high profile stunts, provided unique entertainment options and managed major product launches designed to leave a lasting memory on guests.

We like Bold and this is reflected in our events.


Our services include:

Venue finding

Event production




Events work.

Norton Motorcycles

Commando 961 Launch


Ami UK Launch Video


Influencer Demo Event

Be Bold.

It’s time to come off the fence:

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