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Ibiza Nightclub

The Brief.

To celebrate the new SEAT Ibiza, Performance decided to bring a touch of the Ibiza nightlife to the UK by creating our very own mobile nightclub.

Determined to showcase the SEAT Ibiza’s recent updates including a new Beats audio system, we worked with a car modification crew and hooked up a Pioneer DJ deck for that nightclub sound.

The Response.

Alongside the DJ decks, we incorporated an elaborate lighting array throughout the car as well as a Mocktail bar set-up in the boot.

For a location, the team identified the colourful Brighton sea-front as the perfect spot. Add in a celebrity DJ in the form of DJ Woody Cook (son of Brighton local Fatboy Slim) and we had everything we needed for SEAT Ibiza Nightclub’s opening night.

The Results.

Following a day of filming in ‘sunny’ October, and careful music rights negotiations for Fatboy Slim’s very own Soul Surfing track, we produced an energetic video to accompany the story.

With assets ready, our approach was to deliver an exclusive to The Sun’s motoring pages, plus a general release to broader media. In total, the campaign generated over 75 pieces of coverage including the Daily Record, Auto Express, PR Week and several international news outlets.

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