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Nissan Europe

Fuel Station of the Future

Strategic Activity

The Challenge
  • Building on Nissan’s foothold as global leader in e-mobility, communicate the carmaker’s wealth of zero-emission knowledge and expertise in an engaging and aspirational manner
  • Challenge common barriers to electric car ownership – such as limited range and lack of infrastructure – by dispelling the myths; showcasing how the technology Nissan manufactures today could contribute to a better tomorrow
  • Improve the public’s perception of Nissan electric vehicles by 15%
Fan Insight
  • It is estimated that by 2050 there will be 2.5 billion vehicles in the world, a 150 percent increase on the number on our roads today
  • Customer data shows 65 percent of Nissan LEAF owners state the environment as a key reason for owning an electric vehicle (EV), with more than half of Europeans worried about air pollution
  • Solar and wind power are the main sources of clean, renewable energy; but in the case of household solar panels as much as 60-70% goes to waste
Creative Solution
  • An 18-month partnership with world-renowned architects Foster + Partners, set out to reimagine how cars could be powered, driven and integrated into the cities of the future
  • The two pioneering organisations teamed up to explore the question: What is the Fuel Station of the Future?
  • The theoretical concept study brought to life Nissan’s vision for Intelligent Mobility in a three-minute computer generated video; illustrating how proprietary vehicle-to-grid, battery storage and autonomous drive technologies could revolutionise energy distribution across Europe
  • The ground-breaking exercise concludes that the Fuel Station of the Future could indeed be your car – a solution which aims to inspire viewers to demand a more sustainable future
  • An integrated and fully immersive three-phase programme deployed over 18 months – the Fuel Station of the Future inspired Nissan’s corporate mid-term strategy and headlined the brand’s press conference at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show
  • The video delivered more than 350,000 YouTube views & reach of over 3.5 million
  • Over 350 pieces of pan-European and global coverage including the Financial Times, telegraph.co.uk, Daily Mail, Quattroruote
  • Improved the public’s perception of Nissan as leaders in electric vehicles by 28%
  • More than a third of people surveyed found the Fuel Station of the Future campaign ‘memorable’ or ‘interesting’
  • The Future of Mobility concept became an integral part of Nissan’s Corporate mid-term strategy and headlined the manufacturer’s 2016 Geneva Motor Show conference – exhibiting to more than 700,000 visitors

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