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Bladeglider Midnight Drive

The Challenge

  • Using social and digital media, Nissan wanted to reach a younger, mainstream audience. Leveraging celebrity advocacy to broaden the appeal of the Nissan brand and electric vehicles (EV) through the face of an ambassador
  • Contribute to a shift of EV Leadership Perception and brand OaO (20.8% by FY18)

Fan Insight

  •  Nine out of ten Nissan LEAF drivers would recommend to a friend, with two-thirds of people more interested in buying an electric car after test driving them – discovering they were fun to drive
  • So how do you drive positive word-of-mouth? Well, research shows that 70% of people will respond to a suggestion from a celebrity, friend or family member directly leading them to a purchase decision

Creative Solution

  • Announce new ambassador for Electric Vehicles and Sustainability, actor, Margot Robbie
  • Create a short 90 sec spot that shows how much fun can be had behind the wheel of Nissan electric vehicles – showing the driving excitement and zero-emission drivetrain
  • And so, was born The Nissan BladeGlider Midnight Drive – Margot was put through her paces racing the BladeGlider on the iconic F1 circuit in Monaco
  • The 100% electric BladeGlider sportscar is the epitome of innovation and represents Nissan’s commitment to a zero-emissions future
  • The prototype hits 100km/h in less than five seconds and challenges the conventional thinking of what an all-electric sports car could look like in the future. Demonstrating all the fun and excitement of pure EVs

The Results

  • The video social posts delivered more than 13.1M+ YouTube views, 1.1M+ Instagram views and 4.3M+ Facebook views
  • Over 870+ pieces of pan-European coverage and delivering 1,300+ globally. Titles included GQ, The Huffington Post, Le Parisien, WIRED, La Repubblica
  • Broadcast coverage achieved in four key titles, M6 Turbo, TFI Auto Moto, Sky News Italy and C8 Direct Auto
  • Improved the public’s perception of Nissan as leaders in electric vehicles (from 9.4% to 12% across three months)

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