Automotive PR Stunts

A PR stunt can elevate the messaging and business objectives to a higher level or promote your brand to a non-core audience.

Our team is renowned as the most creative in the automotive communications sphere and will always think about PR stunt ideas designed to ‘stretch’ the reach and engagement of your baseline PR strategy. We can take care of the entire process, from ideation to research and from the planning process to delivery.

As ever, PR stunts can be scalable – the many stunts we have devised and executed include creating the world’s first glow-in-the-dark car paint to highlight the number of electric car buyers who also use solar panels in their homes; creating the world’s smallest car dealership in a phone box to promote the brand’s online car-buying platform and using a car to pull a train across an Austrian railway bridge to demonstrate torque and pulling power.

Some examples of our Automotive PR stunts