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Immortal Fans – The Power of Fandom

Jun 02 2014

Occasionally you come across a truly inspirational campaign. This campaign changes perceptions of football fans, from hooligans to heroes – It is…

What Does WSL Re-Launch Mean For Women’s Sport?

Apr 30 2014

Digital now provides the opportunity for every sport to stream its best action live, but the amount of TV-time a sport receives…

Sports Sponsorship – Happy Families

Mar 24 2014

Football dominates the sponsorship landscape and according to Deloitte’s 2012/13 annual report, revenues for the top 20 clubs totalled a whopping £5.4…

A Transatlantic Rivalry

Feb 17 2014

It is apparent that a transatlantic rivalry exists between the UK and its former colony, the United States, which manifests itself in…

Dream Ending for Belgian Football Fan-tasy?

Dec 23 2013

Following the recent World Cup draw, which saw Belgium secure a favourable set of venues and adversaries for the qualifying group stage…

Brazil 2014 – Risk Vs Reward

Dec 16 2013

With 2014 just around the corner, Brazil is soon to be at the centre of the world’s attention with the most successful…

Going back to our roots

Nov 11 2013

As we go into another international break, Sam Brandon looks at the Grass Roots system that has left the national team one…

Model Behaviour expected of the Modern Sports Star

Apr 12 2013

When David Cameron condemned Suarez for Bitegate, with a reminder that he is a ‘role model’, it brought again to the fore…

Caterham – Corners with QPR

Jul 01 2012

Tesco – FA Home Nations Youth Football

Apr 29 2010