Live Updates for Publishers from Facebook

January 18, 2017
Andy Murphy
In Zuckerberg’s never ending march to own and publish your every thought or feeling, he has made more updates to Facebook Live, which you are unlikely to have noticed is a bit of a big thing for Facebook at the moment as they continue their march to ‘own’ video, and in particular Live video.
Anyway, lots of updates to the way Facebook Live works but the three ‘exciting’ ones for us are:
  1. Contributors – Previously you needed to be an Admin of the page to be able to broadcast. Now though, you can nominate a Live broadcaster. For us that means we can invite influencers to do broadcasts for us without giving them the keys to the castle. Useful for events we are streaming from.
  2. Desktop broadcast – Facebook has opened up the ability for you to stream from your desktop using a webcam. This will mean better quality streams coming soon.
  3. Insights – As is the Facebook way, they have rolled out their insights slowly and now we are able to get much more in depth detail on how the video performed

Find out more here:

Live Updates for Publishers

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