Mobil 1 – Lewis Hamilton Oil Painting

July 22, 2012
Performance Comms

The Challenge

Leverage Mobil 1’s partnership with the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 Team, which powered Lewis Hamilton to world championship glory

Create conversation about oil and develop a platform for introduction of National Oil Check Week initiative

Raise the profile of the brand within digital motoring media  and demonstrate the superior quality of its products

Fan Insight

Sport meets art: Fans love seeing artistic depictions of their sporting heroes

Unusual manner of portrait’s creation and sporting significance of the materials made for perfect water-cooler chat

Creative Solution

lewis-hamilton-mobil-1-oil-painting-performance-pr-16-06Create a portrait of Lewis Hamilton from Mobil 1 oil drained from the engine of his 2008 British Grand Prix-winning car

Identify and commission artist who specialises in creating works of art from used motor oil

Film and photograph project’s progress from Day 1 to completion for online distribution release to coincide with build-up to 2009 British GP

Create 50 x limited edition prints, signed by the artist

The Results

The quality of the finished portrait was beyond all the team’s wildest expectations

As well as the high profile media coverage, the work was warmly received and shared widely by F1 and motor-sport fan communities

mobil 1 Results

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