Nissan – Power to the People Infographic

December 20, 2015
Performance Comms

To underpin and amplify Nissan Europe’s position as a leader in EV product and technology, we created a graphic to explain the company’s innovative Vehicle-to-Grid technology.

This system allowed electric vehicle owners to integrate their cars in the grid, contributing to the stability of their respective national grids and further the penetration of renewable energy sources.

Featuring the Nissan LEAF, the world’s first mass-production EV, the infographic showed how lower-cost energy could be used to recharge the car overnight, while the vehicle could put electricity back into the grid at peak times to reduce household bills and support the national infrastructure during peak times, effectively becoming a personal power station.

While technically a difficult to explain, the infographic set out the process and the daily timeline for the user, making it easier to understand how V2G technology works.