Caterham Cars – LEGO Seven

February 3, 2017
Performance Comms
The Challenge
  • Promote the launch of a new Caterham Seven LEGO set
  • Drive awareness and consideration of the Caterham brand
Fan Insight
  • LEGO and Caterham fans have a lot in common; they both enjoy ‘building’, whether that’s a LEGO set or a car from kit form
Creative Solution
  • Produce a set of creative images which tell the story of the LEGO Caterham, shot in the Caterham factory with life-sized car parts made from LEGO. The images were to be used on both Caterham and LEGO channels.
  • A media event at Caterham’s flagship showroom was hosted by the LEGO designer.
  • Event activities included:
    • Q&A with LEGO designer
    • Design your own LEGO car build competition
    • Test drives in a Caterham Seven
  • LEGO kits were sent to influencers and media for them to build their own Seven
  • 24.4 million campaign impressions
  • 106 media articles and 2.5k tweets
  • 240,000+ YouTube views on LEGO fan pages
  • 3,000 people clicked on the website story; 43 clicked through to Caterham; 2 searched for a car to buy
  • 100% positive sentiment
  • 59.7k engagements online
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