Andy Taylor


The 4th Andy of Performance joined in the summer of 2017 after 2 and a half years spent marketing and managing corporate events.

During his time in the fast paced world of business conferences, he worked with a number of leading brands in the food and beverage sector, often working closely with their marketing departments. He grew increasingly interested in the techniques brands used to communicate with customers, sparking a decision to pursue a career move into PR.

A keen traveller, he joined Performance after embarking on a 6-week trip across Canada , highlights of which included trekking in the Rocky Mountains, whale-watching near Vancouver Island and ziplining in Quebec.

In his spare time Andy enjoys watching the latest films, going to the gym and getting involved in his local Park Run. He remains a long-suffering fan of Crystal Palace.

His proudest moment during his time at Performance would be watching the finished version of his first piece of client video content, and realising that all the hard work had paid off.