Alfa Romeo – MiTo SBK – The Undertaker

January 22, 2013
Performance Comms

The Challenge

Create awareness of the new Alfa MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde Special Edition and Alfa Romeo’s seventh year as FIM World Superbike Championship sponsor.

The special edition model was first revealed at Paris Motor Show five months before the launch and only 28 examples were destined for UK showrooms

Fan Insight

Superbike and motorsport fans are keen sharers of strong photographic content

The more daring the stunt, the more compelling the content, the greater the shares

Creative Solution

By teaming up with Superbike rider Chris ‘The Stalker’ Walker and precision driver Paul Swift a dramatic, world-first stunt was created at Silverstone

As Paul took to the circuit’s Brooklands corner on just two wheels in the Alfa MiTo SBK, Chris made a daring move building up enough throttle to quite literally ‘under-take’ the MiTo passing underneath the chassis of the car on one knee.

The Results

Alfa SBK

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